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Human Health Concerns

Contamination of Drinking Water

Runoff of sediment from industrial activities could impact the groundwater of the area, and cause pollutants to enter the aquifer. The current agricultural land use requires appropriate farm management practices to minimize potential for contamination. Industrial use such as heavy truck parking would be very risky, Children would be particularly at risk.  READ MORE >>

Air Pollution

The World Health Organization lists diesel exhaust as a human carcinogenic. Increased emissions from the semi-truck traffic would negatively impact air quality and human health. Children, asthmatics and the elderly would be disproportionately impacted. READ MORE >>

Food Security | First Nations

Joanne Charles of the Semiahmoo First Nation welcomes a gathering of Friends of Hazelmere | Campbell Valley & shares the concerns her community has over their food security and more.

Food Security

The 77 ac. and surrounding area is prime agricultural land. With the population of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley projected to double by 2050, this agricultural land, if paved over for truck parking, loses all value to provide food security.

Traffic Safety

With this parking facility comes the likely provincial project of twinning of 16 Ave. East to King Road and Highway 1. The other roads in this area are simply not capable of handling this increased volume of heavy trucks, and safety risks for non-commercial traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian traffic would correspondingly increase as well.

Click to view a video report on a truck crash along 16 Ave (the north border of the development)

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