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The Application

* As of October 5, 2016 this application has been withdrawn. Information on what had been a proposed Truck Parking / Warehouse Complex can still be found below.

Surrey re-zoning application 15-0227 proposed to re-zone 77 acres of Agricultural land to “Light Industrial.”

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Surrey City Council  approved on September 14, 2015 the “terms of reference” for The South Campbell Local Area Plan 


South Campbell LAP and truck re-zoning“South Campbell Local Area Plan” boundaries in red.  “Special Study Area” in yellow. Truck/industrial re-zoning application in advance of the LAP in blue. Highest areas of biodiversity in green (Madrone study, 2015).

This land use plan will determine, through staff, public consultation, and consultants the best land uses for the area. The City’s Official Community Plan does not allow re-zoning or development without a land use plan. NOTE: the Public Consultation portion of the land use plan has begun. A stakeholder’s meeting was held in mid-May 2015. The Advisory Group, under the City of Surrey Manager of Community Planning has met several times and will continue to meet into winter 2015.  This group includes members of Semiahmoo Fish & Game, LCR Watershed, A Rocha, FHCV, residents, stakeholders, and other special interest groups. Akwardly, the group is unable to include the 77 acres earmarked by Councillor Gill as “truck park”  in the planning process because it is an active application. Read on!

On July 13, 2015, Application 15-0227 for a “truck park” was submitted to the Planning and Development Department. Staff advised the Applicant on August 29th 2015  of Council’s Resolution RES 14-1605 (approved by Council in September 2014). This states that applications in the “South Campbell Heights” area requiring an OCP amendment /re-zoning would be “referred back to staff” (in other words, not processed through the Council process) until the land use study was complete. Projected completion date of the South Campbell Heights Land Plan Stage 1 (Land Use) and Stage 2 (Engineering) could be 2016-17.

However, by a unanimous Council vote on September 14, 2015, this application was directed by Council  to be entered into the City of Surrey development application process. An exception was made to the previous resolution and Application 15-0227  would be considered “in advance” of the Land Use Plan. Council Minutes here, p 20.

For more on the location/ramifications/issues of this application click here.

The applicant seeks to re-zone to allow vehicle storage and accessory buildings.

In meetings with the Planning Department, it has been revealed that the application’s “accessory buildings” include a gas station, servicing facilities, truck wash, and warehousing. See site layout and site plan images below. The original plan at City Hall has 77 acres in parking, upwards of 1100 stalls.

There is a disconnect between what Planning has available to share with the public about this application (because not a lot of information has been provided to Planning at this time) and what the Applicant (GG Metro) and even Councillor Tom Gill has told stakeholders and the public  via the media and in meetings.  At this point, there is a re-zoning application and a green sign posted but the specifics of the plan have not been submitted to Planning.  One concept floated by the applicant to a stakeholder in the area is that 38 acres would be used for Truck Parking and the remainder of the 77 acres for warehousing.



Planning Contact :

Melissa Johnson

Civil Engineer:

Mike Kompter/ Hub Engineering

Applicant (although not on the City’ development website):

GG Metro Holdings.
Parm Garsha

Proposed site plan


Proposed site plan