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Primary Concerns

While we recognize that Surrey needs to solve the problem of “homeless” trucks needing a place to park, this is not the right location for a Mega Truck Stop with washing / maintenance facilities and warehousing.

Human Health Concerns

The development proposal area sits atop the Brookswood aquifer which provides drinking water to Surrey and Langley residents.  Wells from 168th St in Surrey to 216th in Langley and from 4th Ave to 44th Ave in both municipalities are affected. It is highly vulnerable to contamination from surface sources.

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Environmental Concerns

This area area is home to migratory birds, an annual salmon spawning ground, and potentially 22 species of endangered wildlife.

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Doesn’t Solve Local Truck Parking Shortage

Surrey has a problem with illegal truck parking. While a solution needs to be found, evidence indicates that the proposed truck stop development on 16th Avenue would do little to solve this problem for local drivers.

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Scope of Development Concerns

Developers aim for more than a parking lot for independent Surrey truckers. The concept envisions massive-scale warehousing, as well as fuel stations, oil catchment, tire replacement, and more.

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True Value of Agricultural Lands

The 77 ac is agricultural land in a prime agricultural area. With the population of the Fraser Valley and the lower mainland expected to double by 2050 self sufficiency in food production will be essential to our health and well being. B.C is in an privileged situation where the land and weather conditions create ideal growing conditions for just about every type of crop. The food security of this and future generations is at stake with every acre of agricultural land rezoned in this area.

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Governance Concerns

City of Surrey Council has voted to permit this application to be explored BEFORE the South Campbell Local Area Plan is completed. This is against the Official Community Plan (“no development without a land use plan.”) Should the rezoning from Agricultural to Light Industrial be successful, this will influence the outcome of the LAP and all development eastwards along 16th into Langley.