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URGENT: Be heard MAY 31, 2016
Planning for the future of Hazelmere | Campbell Valley has begun.

The planning for the future of the Hazelmere Valley and the Little Campbell River is kicking off with a City of Surrey hosted public meeting to gather ideas for the Local Area Plan (LAP) for this area (referred to by the City as “South Campbell Heights”).

unnamed  LAP area in red. Special Study Area in yellow. Truck park application in blue. Highest biodiversity value areas in green (Madrone Study 2015).

The “truck park/warehouse” application is located in the centre of this Local Area Plan area and unless public concern for industrial zoning in a traditionally agricultural area is heard on May 31st, other developers and speculators will see this as a green light to bring industrial pressure to the south through either the LAP planning process or, as in the case of the truck park re-zoning proposal, to influence Surrey City Council to allow applications “in advance” of the land use plans being completed. If you have read the minutes of the Transportation Infrastructure Committee, you will see that GG Metro representatives appealed to this committee for a truck parking lot in the contentious location and Council felt the proposal has “merit” eventhough a 2014 Council resolution had prohibited re-zonings until the LAP for “South Campbell Heights” was complete.  Proper process and governance is essential and your voice counts towards that happening with the Local Area Plan.

Schedule: Doors open 5:30pm. Presentation at 6:00pm

This will likely be the only opportunity for public consultation!

Please take the time to attend this meeting and share your thoughts on how you would like Hazelmere and other parts of the Special Study Area to look in the future.

Langley Residents: This development will impact your aquifer, East-West traffic on 16 Ave, and land-use in Langley. This may be called a “Local Area Plan” for a particular area of south Surrey but it is really only the kernel of a larger land use trend. Please stand up for the character of Hazelmere/Campbell Valley and demand future land uses which are  agricultural in nature and which enable gainful employment and enrichment, not industrialization (truck parks and warehousing in areas without supporting infrastructure fall into this category).

FHCV urges you to attend the meeting and have your say.

Download the flyer and invite friends and neighbours